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ECG Ruler & Diagram Badge Reference Card - Vertical

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This badge card is an ECG Ruler, Caliper, and Diagram all in one. The diagram is of a basic ECG with all the common terminology and overview of the different points on an ECG. Additionally, it has an ECG ruler on one side that helps you measure the heart rate. The ruler on the other side helps to determine normalcy of common distances including PR Interval, QRS Complex, and QT Interval. The card may look up-side-down but to the user, it will be right-side-up making the rulers easier to use!
  • Durable waterproof card made of plastic
  • Same size as a standard badge ID card (or credit card size; 3 3/8" by 2 1/8")
  • About half the thickness of a credit card so it won't feel bulky or weigh down your badge reel
  • Double sided and uses the entire printable area to maximize the total information

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