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The first step in becoming proficient at using an automated external defibrillator is learning on an AED trainer from Code 1 Supply. Instructors show students proper AED use with the help of a trainer, which is a replica of an actual AED. The only difference is the AED trainer will not shock the “patient” in training exercises.


The AED trainer that best suits your needs can be found at Code 1, from the most basic units to those with more complex features.  You’ll also find accessories for your AED trainer, such as replacement pads and cables, so you can continue to keep your model in top condition for years to come.


Code 1 is the place you can trust for quality products that support the safety and wellbeing of you, your trainees and the people whose lives you may one day save.


If you have any questions about AED Trainers or any other Code 1 product, please feel free to contact us: [email protected]

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Adult AED Trainer Replacement Pads
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Child AED Trainer Cable - Pink
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Yellow Cable for Adult AED Trainer
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Child Infant AED Trainer Replacement Pads