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Ambulance supplies are put in the truck to provide paramedics with all the tools that they need. It is the primary responsibility of any paramedic to administer lifesaving care to patients outside of a hospital. Their job is to provide emergency care to the injured or ill until medical help arrives. When somebody dials 911, paramedics will be dispatched to the location to treat the sick or injured person who called for help. 


The contents of a medical kit, such as an emergency first aid or trauma kit, can be stored in a jump bag. This is typically the first thing that paramedics take when they arrive at a site of an emergency. Bandages, syringes, and medications are a few of the common but essential medical supplies that can be found in a jump bag. The jump bag is one of the most important ambulance supplies


Paramedics’ top responsibility when a patient is having trouble breathing is to ensure that oxygen is being delivered regularly. A bag valve mask will be in their jump bag to help a patient breathe if it is needed. The paramedic may also insert a suction tube down a patient’s windpipe to gently remove fluid if it is the cause of breathing troubles. If the paramedic suspects that the patient has suffered a dislocation or fracture of the spine, he or she will strap the patient to a trauma board. Paramedics may also employ a cervical collar if they find evidence of a head or neck injury. This device is a neck brace, and it helps to keep the patient’s head and neck in position, lowering the likelihood of permanent injury. 


Paramedics also carry some drugs that can alleviate pain and save lives in their bags. When someone isn't breathing correctly or has stopped breathing entirely, paramedics might use a ventilator to force air into their lungs. The device aids in oxygen intake and is connected to a cylinder of the substance. Ambulance supplies will contain an electrocardiograph monitor, which is a piece of equipment carried by paramedics that displays a person’s heart's electrical activity. When the heart is beating too quickly, too slowly, or with an irregular rhythm, this can be used to look for aberrant patterns, known as arrhythmias.


Ambulances will also have a blood glucose meter in the truck that allows paramedics to quickly determine a patient’s blood sugar level by depositing a little drop of blood on a disposable strip and inserting it into the instrument. The paramedic will administer medicine to try to normalize the blood sugar reading if it's too high or too low. Each ambulance comes equipped with a mobile cot that may be used to quickly and easily transport a patient from the floor to their final destination. Additional ambulance supplies include essentials like stethoscopes, thermometers, flashlights, scissors, and blankets so that they can deal with any emergency.


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