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Traffic accidents, natural disasters, work site mishaps, shootings and bombings can result in injuries where bleeding quickly creates a life-threatening situation. Bleeding control products from Code 1 Supply are a must-have in these situations, where controlling blood loss is paramount to saving a life.


Code 1 offers you options on Bleeding Control Products, from a 21-Piece Bleeding Control Kit to full-fledged First Aid Kits that are stocked with enough supplies to treat 25 people. So whatever emergency you may encounter, Code 1 will be there to help you help others with tourniquets, bandages, dressings, shears and tape – everything you need to stop bleeding quickly and help save a life.


You can count on Code 1 for quality products that are safe, effective and meet industry standards. Bleeding Control Products like our Bleeding Control Kits are hand-packed by our EMTs. First Aid Kits meet the 2015 ANSI Class A requirements.


If you have any questions about Bleeding Control kits or any other Code 1 product, please feel free to contact us: [email protected]

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21 Piece Bleeding Control Kit
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