Celebrating National First Responders Day

National First Responders Day on October 28th honors and recognizes the heroic men and women who choose to run towards danger instead of away from it to keep others safe. Police, paramedics, firefighters, and other first responders deserve respect every day, however, their response to crises in the past year and a half deserve special gratitude. As a firefighter and paramedic myself, I know how much hard work is done by my fellow first responders. I’d like to pay particular thanks to the men and women who have played vital roles in emergencies in the past year and a half, including:

  • Paramedics and firefighters who have faced COVID-19 daily working endless hours to administer COVID tests, transport the sick to hospitals and ultimately stay away from friends and family to protect them from possible infection.

  • First responders, including the National Guard and FEMA workers, who rushed to Louisiana in the face of Hurricane Ida to search for and rescue survivors. Thanks to their preparedness and skill, fewer than 100 people lost their lives in the storm.

  • Firefighters throughout the western United States who have faced numerous historic wildfires. To date, nearly 48,000 fires have burned over 6.5 million acres of land in 2021.

  • Police officers nationwide who have worked tirelessly to protect our public spaces as COVID-19 restrictions have eased throughout the country.

  • Emergency medical services, including EMTs and paramedics, who have responded to car crashes and other accidents to evaluate and monitor survivors and triage patients for urgent treatment.

  • Flight attendants who have kept the skies safe during the pandemic.

  • And countless others who have stepped up to the plate to ensure the safety and security of their communities.

With over 240 million 9-1-1 calls made annually in the United States, first responders are “always on”. From dispatch operators to paramedics and flight attendants, first responders are the everyday heroes that deserve extra thanks in 2021. I invite you to observe National First Responders Day alongside the Code 1 Supply team by saying thanks to your local first responders. Have your family write cards and deliver them to your local police precinct, bake cookies for local firefighters and paramedics or simply say “thank you” the next time you see a first responder in uniform. If you are looking to take it a step further, consider donating your time and support. Take a CPR certification course in your community to be prepared in an emergency.

This National First Responders Day and every day, the team at Code 1 Supply says thank you to every man and woman who puts others’ lives above their own.

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