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EMTs are on-call 24/7 to treat patients in serious condition and transport them to the nearest hospital. After responding to a dispatcher's call, ambulances carrying EMTs will come to evaluate the situation. They will assess the severity of injuries on the scene and redirect traffic safely if they must. Those injured will receive first aid and, if required, they’ll be sent to the hospital in an ambulance. EMTs require a lot of emergency supplies and equipment to carry out their jobs. If you are looking for discount EMT supplies, Code 1 Supply is the best online store to find deals on. You can find great deals on this website with some of the best products in the industry.

It is essential for EMTs to store emergency supplies in a bag in their ambulances. While it is impossible to fit all the medical supplies needed for emergency care into a paramedic's kit, it is possible to have an adequate amount of goods necessary for providing first aid in a mobile setting. In order to respond swiftly to traumatic injuries and emergency situations, EMTs need to have certain useful equipment in the personal medical bags that they keep in their vehicles. An organized medical bag is essential for quick access to equipment. An ambulance worker shouldn't have to root around in a jumbled backpack for a medicine bottle. In those crucial situations, the EMT must be able to act swiftly. 
An EMT's kit should include things like sharp medical scissors, non-powdered gloves, safety goggles, a baby bulb syringe, and sterile saline to deal with any injuries or poisonings that may arise. It's also useful to have a rescue blanket on hand whenever bad weather is in the forecast. Having the right medical gear can simplify lifesaving procedures like measuring a patient's pulse, opening an airway, and doing CPR. First responders can treat cuts, burns, and broken bones and muscles with the use of medical supplies. An EMT's ability to effectively apply a tourniquet is also crucial for preventing shock from blood loss. If a tourniquet is used, getting the victim to a doctor quickly is essential to minimizing the risk of irreversible injury.
Items such as a blood pressure cuff set, a folding aluminum splint, small/medium/large trauma bandages, and an adjustable cervical collar are standard for an emergency medical technician. While it’s impossible for an EMT to have a whole pharmacy with them on the job, a few essential drugs can make all the difference. An emergency medical technician cannot risk giving an allergic patient medication because she does not know the patient's medical history. The administration of drugs that require a doctor's prescription is not within the scope of an EMT's practice. Due to these reasons, EMTs will carry a limited number of medications.
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