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The Best EMS Supplies and Equipment

When you’re transporting and moving patients, you want to feel confident that all of your equipment is reliable in order to ensure your patient’s safety. If you visit our online catalog, you can find lots of useful and high-quality patient handling and transport equipment. Our website features long spine boards that are durable and will help you safely transport patients. We also have large transfer sheets and restraint straps in this section of our website. We have restraint systems for adults and children available under the “Patient Handling and Transport” section of our website. For head care in transport situations, we have a couple of different products available. For one, you can find cervical collars available for adult and child sizes. You can also find head immobilizers. We offer basic quick-release head immobilizers and deluxe head immobilizers. The deluxe head immobilizers are more expensive, but will completely insure your patient’s safety and they can be purchased in a 5 pack.


If you’re interested in finding the best restraint system for patients that you’re transporting, check out the XDcuff section on our website. XDcuffs are the most dependable and easy-to-use board straps that you can find on the market. These cuffs will help you provide advanced safety for the patients that you transport, while also making it easier. XDcuffs are so easy to use because they allow you to simply strap patients in, without having to tie complicated knots. This will make the transportation process quicker and easier. Once the patients are strapped in with XDcuffs, the transport time will be much more efficient and you will greatly decrease the risk of an accident happening. With XDcuffs, the patients and first responders will be safer in emergency situations. The XDcuff pack features permanent clip anchors and cuffs for the patient’s ankles and wrists. 


Our website also provides vital equipment for in-office use. You can find first aid cabinets for storing medical supplies. Our cabinets include three shelves and will provide you with enough space for medications, sanitizing materials, and bandages. The cabinets are manufactured with durable steel and they can be mounted onto the wall for easy access. Another important equipment piece that you can find on our website is a deluxe mobile stand with a basket. This equipment is great for offices with multiple rooms because the mobile stand can be wheeled around the office for use in different rooms. The device has five legs which assure you can move it swiftly and it includes a basket for any additional supplies that you may need to store in it. You can also find plastic bedpans and urinals for patient use on our website. These products are durable and easy to clean. 


All of our transport EMS supplies and equipment are tested and will provide first responders with the best opportunity to move patients safely and easily. Our in-office equipment is also high-quality and will help nurses complete their tasks as efficiently as possible. Visit our website to find all of this equipment at a great price.

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