Where to Buy Covid Tests Online

Where to Buy Covid Tests Online

“Where can I buy Covid tests online?”  With organizations becoming more interested in a return to work testing, this question is raised quite frequently. The virus is still spreading across the country, people are as concerned as ever.

While there are several medical centers and state-sponsored testing sites in operation,  the opportunity to test employees, students or travelers together, at a common and convenient location, is valuable. Luckily, there are many tests that can be purchased online and shipped to your location. That said, a specific type of test may be appropriate for your situation, depending upon what exactly you are trying to determine.

Types of Tests

If you are looking to identify illness, the test that would be most appropriate is an antigen test. These are used to diagnose Covid-19 infections. Popular today are antigen rapid tests because they do NOT need to be sent to a lab; results are available quickly.  These tests are useful in individuals who are showing symptoms of Covid-19 and with groups who test often (nursing homes, airports, etc).

On the other hand, antibody tests are also available.  These, however, do not identify current Covid infections. They are used to determine if an individual had been exposed to the virus and infected in the past. These tests are valuable because if you do have antibodies, you are less likely to become infected.  Knowledge is power.

Test Availability

Back when Covid first became an issue in the United States, testing was hard to come by.  Appointments were difficult to obtain, testing lines were long and the timing for results sometimes took weeks.  As the scientists have gained more information, testing protocols and availability have improved. Did you know that you can actually order Covid-19 tests online? 

Today, a number of products are available on the internet for delivery. Organizations and businesses looking to test now have access to the tools they need.  This makes life so much easier.  

Rapid antigen tests (like those produced by CareStart and CovClear) are available to healthcare providers and organizations which may be testing larger numbers of people.  Results can be available quickly, 10-20 minutes depending upon the test. And, no outside lab is necessary

Rapid antibody tests can also be purchased online.  AssureTech EcoTest and ImmunoPass COVID-19 are just two of those available. Both are finger-prick blood tests and provide results quickly, also without the need for a lab.  Organizations like schools or offices that want to “return” to work may want to determine immunity protection; they would use tests like these. These tests are also becoming popular as a follow up to the Covid-19 vaccines as those who have received it often want to confirm that they have developed antibodies.

Research is Key

If your business or organization is interested in testing, it is important to understand what you are looking for and why. Being able to accurately answer this question will help you to select the best product for your needs. 

The bottom line, testing is key to identifying infection and immunity and ultimately reducing the spread of this devastating virus, and keeping us all safe. Whether you are looking to determine current infection or possible immunity, quality tests have been developed and are accessible by mail today.

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